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Central Puget Sound Pagan Pride Event 2015

Central Puget Sound Pagan Pride Event, Tacoma, August 29 & 30, 2015, Freighthouse Square

Swangrove Coven, sponsored by the New Wiccan Church (NWC) International, is presenting a harvest-themed ritual of British Traditional Wicca style, at 11 a.m. on Sunday morning (Aug. 30th) of this two-day event.

Additionally, Swangrove Coven is staffing a small table to raise funds for the costs of informational handouts and consumables used in the public circles we present, as well as funds for the NWC itself. Literature and displays about British Traditional Wicca will be featured with smaller handouts available. Donations to either the NWC (tax deductible), or for Swangrove use, will be accepted at our table.

Additionally, Swangrove will be selling healing herbals (made by our high priestess); profits from these sales will be split 50%/50% betweem the maker and the NWC. The topical healing herbals available include four types:

All herbals are available in alternative formulations which eschew lavender, owing to the number of our clients sensitive or allergic to lavender.

About the herbals…All ingredient herbs are grown organically or permacultured, or wildcrafted responsibly. Herbs are dried in a home setting, and are used to manufacture these topical healing agents within their effective storage life. The media, or bases, for these herbals are all organic food-grade products: palm oil, rice bran or grapeseed oil, and apple cider vinegar. Developed & proven over decades, these toicals are pet-safe, child-safe, and edible (if distasteful).

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