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Public Sabbats & Circles

Hosted at Crescent Moon Gifts, on 6th Avenue in central Tacoma, Swangrove Coven presents British Traditional Wicca styled rituals for the four cross-quarter festivals, popularly known as the greater Sabbats:

  • Lammas, Friday evening 7–9 pm, July 31, 2015
    Celebrating the start of the grain harvest at the height of summer’s heat;
    bring your corn dollies to bless, and join us in Tailte’s games.
  • Hallowmas, Friday evening 7–9 pm, October 30, 2015
    Celebrating the turn of the year as harvests conclude;
    an ancestor altar offers limited space to honor beloved dead that Herne may bless their memory.
  • Candlemas, Friday evening 7–9 pm, January 29, 2015
    Cancelled. Impending death in the family.
  • May Eve, Friday evening 7–9 pm, April 29, 2015
    Cancelled, ill health.

About the circles: Attendees are requested, if at all possible, to use a little table or sea salt in a brief purification bath or shower before attending the sabbat. No specific clothing or robes are required though all are welcome to wear robes if they have them. The space opens at 7 p.m., or, as I phrase it, gather at 7 and circle at 7:30. This enables folks to arrive at the mercy of traffic, find parking, catch their breath, use the restroom, say hello, observe the altar, etc. Although the length of an individual circle will vary with both the season and the number of attendees, I find that such public circles generally last between 35 minutes and one hour. Which, you will note, leaves a scant half hour to “strike the set” — that is, pack up my altar and altar furnishings, answer questions en passent, and so on. We will be out of the building by 9 p.m. so the CMG employee on duty can get off work.

About the site: Crescent Moon Gifts usually charges $25 for the two hours rental of the site. For such public-service events, they generously accept instead 50% of whatever donations are received at each occasion. I consider it necessary that Crescent Moon Gifts, a business that has supported the south Sound Pagan communit for more than a decade, receive at least their regular fee of $25 per event, for which reason, I will make up the difference to Crescent Moon Gifts out of my pocket…unless, of course, attendees choose to ensure that the “gate” at least covers the costs of the site.

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