Pagan editing

Pagan Muse & World Report

Once upon a time…sometime in 1993, that is…I stepped out of my long solitary-Pagan existence and attended my very first open circle, at which the then-current editor of the BAPA (non-profit Bay Area Pagan Assemblies) magazine was asking for a volunteer to take over editorship. And the skills needed were absolutely a match to my professional skills. So…I stuck up my hand, and the rest, as they say, is history. Four months later I was slogging through the production of my very first solo issue of the Pagan Muse & World Report. I remained editor, and later also publisher, for some years. Here we are, 20 years on, and the content of those many Muses are not entirely irrelevant to modern Pagan readers. So I make the ghost of the Muse available here in PDF format. These issues are not a complete run of the Muse, but I retain a few paper issues that I hope to get scanned into PDF to fill in some portion of the missing issues.

One of the features of the Muse was Pagan-related news reporting by columnists who were professional journalists. And the grapevine served our contributors well, too. The matter of the injustice to those boys known as the “West Memphis Three” was reported at the time it occurred by a Muse columnist in a thoughtful and true journalistic fashion, in one of our actual news coups, or perhaps I should say scoops. The murder of Adam Walks Between Worlds was similarly covered.

NOTE: these magazines are twenty-plus years old; most advertising and group contact information is out of date at best. Use networking sites such as The Witches’ Voice to locate currently operating shops, groups, clergy, etc.

Note: this list is not a complete list of Muse issues, nor a complete list of issues that I published; it includes all issues of the Muse of which I currently have PDF copies. Some issues only include content and not covers.

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